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Chris Sorensen
November 15, 2023 | Chris Sorensen

Crafting Excellence: Unveiling Caddis Winery's 2023 Harvest Varietals

The countdown begins. Get ready to sip, savor, and celebrate the artistry and diversity of Caddis Winery's 2023 vintage!  Continue »

Chris Sorensen
September 10, 2023 | Chris Sorensen

The Artistry of Harvest: From Vine to Vintage at Caddis Winery

As the leaves begin to change and the air carries a hint of autumn, a new chapter unfolds in the world of winemaking. At Caddis Winery, we embrace the beauty and anticipation of the harvest season—a time when grapes reach their peak ripeness and our winemakers embark on a journey to capture the essence of the land. Join us as we share the artistry, dedication, and stories that come to life with each harvest at Caddis.  Continue »